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Exciting New PR-1 Speed Safety Race Seal is the first true tech finish restorer and protectant for automobile owners.

The results of advanced research in Molecular Chemistry, it imparts startling depth and beauty to automobile finishes, chrome, brass, plastics and graphics creating an unbelievable shine and a fabulous ultra wet surface. A specially formulated UV block fights fading and color loss even in the most delicate candy and pearl paints. Nothing sticks to the polish’s surface. The results: More speed in the pits and increased visibility on the track. See better: Better Safety. Satisfaction guaranteed when applied as directed and protected from freezing. Also protects plastic, metal, paints, gel and clearcoat.

One product does it all

  • Nothing else in the business restores and seals in one crystal-clear application
  • Lasts a year or longer per application – 4 car applications per bottle
  • Protects exterior finish and graphics with a non-stick resin-based surface and protects with a
  • UV ray block
  • Restores and protects all paint, glass, plastics, gel and metal
  • Burn off rate 600+ degrees
  • Unconditional money-back guarantee – Return The only official sealant approved for purchase and use by the US Government-
  • GSA Number GS-005-56213
Our PR-1 resists the substances that can cloud your vision:
  • oil
  • fuel
  • hot tar
  • rubber
  • dirt
  • grease & grime
With our sealant nothing sticks to your windshield and all residue is easily removed with a damp cloth. Our burn-off temperature is 600o. It not only can chemically take out scratches and cloudiness, but also seals in a crystal clear resin protectant into your windshield.
The results:
more speed in the pits, increased visibility on the track.

You save one man from going over the wall to clean your
windshield. Much less expensive than using tear-offs.